Why we have 2 nostrils?

Human nose is a sense organ which can smell uncountable fragrances and odours; act like a “miracle organ gifted by God”. It is an essential organ which we humans need to perform a wide number of functions , either we like it or not. It’s a primary organ which is need just not for our … Continue reading Why we have 2 nostrils?


World’s most amazing plants – An Incknowledge special 

The following pictures will blow your mind Nature never leaves a chance to impress us. We have gathered the world's best flowering plants that symbolises various figures of daily life. Lets go,  1. Naked man's orchid  2. Hooker's lips 3. Parrot flower 4. Flying duck orchid  5. Bellarina orchid  6. Snap dragon skull orchid  We … Continue reading World’s most amazing plants – An Incknowledge special